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Until , when the friends of the LA River began what has become one of the best funded civic projects, a project of river revitalization by City of Los Angeles. Price showed how cleaning and greening the river would create a mile greenway, connecting to public transportation and rail. Next, Rob Pirani of the Regional Plan Association spoke of the importance of public participation in such projects, using the example of the Brooklyn Greenway Project.

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Felipe Correa of Harvard University's Graduate School of Design presented his analysis of "Urbanism Out of Water", comparing Oman and the UAE to reveal the impact of using oil to pump water in order to maintain culturally significant oases. Then, Jane Harrison and David Turnbull of Atopia presented their design research, proposing architecture as a piece of infrastructure that is able to be both water filter, water retention and a place for play in their Pitch Africa project.

And last, Nicholas You of The Citistates Group spoke of the questionable strategy of placing systems for clean water, sewage, data, gas, all in one space under the streets while arguing that we must understand that water and energy can't be treated as separate issues. Following the first panel, the discussion focused on the place of design in large political systems, with Wright positing that "regulation is the failure of design".

Given the similarities and differences between the examples presented, how can we best theorize water in order that the lessons of one context can be brought to another?

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While the paving of such rivers and waterfronts was the work of a large federal agency, the Army Corps of Engineers, how might smaller, local efforts learn from each other to make the process easier? The group debated the relative merits of having over-lapping jurisdictions or one large, potentially irresponsible actor or a nested hierarchy of agencies. Considering that water disregards such artificial political categories, how can we best govern and manage the places of water?

Really interesting astrology, plus this talk has appeal to non-astrologers as well. Hope to see you on Thursday, May 9.

What a wonderful conference in beautiful Lisbon! I hope to see some of you at the 2nd International Congress of Astrology in Lisbon Portugal in two weeks. Here's an article I wrote about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Per Wikipedia, on June 26, , Ocasio-Cortez won the Democratic Party's primary election, defeating the incumbent congressman, Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley, in one of the biggest upset victories in the pri AOC update.

I'm going to repost this at the top here.

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Thanks to Alexis Williams for this information. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's birthtime - official from her Thanks to Astrologer Arthur Lipp-Bonewits we have her official birth details.

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She was born at I set up a noon solar chart for her see below. Only Venus and Pluto are not in cardinal signs. She has Sun conjunct Mars. Watch out world! Is the author of "Ray Centered Astrology. Douglas USA weather predicting; astrological analysis of military engagements. Lot 65, Mt. Happy Maxtrix Software customer since mid s. Church Astrological Studies Program. Writes Astrologue monthly column in acting industry publication in. Body Balance, Victoria Passage, Stourbridge, West Midland DY8 1DE , United Kingdom Deborah is a consultant astrologer based in Stourbridge, UK, offering a wide range of astrological techniques, from birth charts to forecasting, vocational guidance, relationship issues, relocation work, children's charts, horary etc.

Deborah also undertakes ongoing work and conducts consultations in person, by phone and by e-mail, and looks forward to hearing from you. Natal, progression, relationships, relocation. Mosley, Sandra S Birth: See the free reports at http: Her avid interest in reading as a child led her to the study of astrology, and she has been casting horoscopes since the age of sixteen.

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Around the same, she discovered she had the ability to read palms, which she later developed into a talent for interpreting the ancient Tarot. Mwezi has been featured on the radio programs, The Uhuru Sounds, aired both on public and commercial stations in Philadelphia. Her 5 minute segments, entitled The Humanistic Astrologer explained such basic questions as "What is a Horoscope?

She has also been featured on the television talk show, Profiles, aired on Channel 57 in Philadelphia.

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  8. She has written the weekly Horoscope column for the Philadelphia Tribune, as well as theme oriented astrology articles for their monthly magazine. Mwezi is the owner of AstroAnalysis and CompuStar astrology reports. She is currently working on her first book, Sex and the Sun Signs. Visit her website under construction at www. Astrologer, psychic, medical intuitive, angel reader offers guidance and accurate predictions. USA 20 years in practice; own TV show. Relationship reading, natal projections and. President of the Astrological Society of Princeton.

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    Please visit my web sites at www. Neto, Arthur Luiz M. Has written a few articles. Specializes in electional and horary. Box , Wadiassir, , Jordan. Nimark, Arlene Marcia Phone: Teach classes in uranian astrology. Northstar was trained by some of the best local, national, and international teachers in astrology, tarot, and the old ways of the native american shaman. Anand Nagar Jail Rd. PO Box Front St. Specializes in spiritual and psychological.

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    Taped, written and email and Internet capabilities.. C , Mexico this adress its my job adress the phone also my phone office. Has been broadcasting over 10 years. Specializes in health and synastry. Ott, Dagmar USA certified esoteric astrologer, instructor and lecturer; three books; photographer portraiture, wildlife, nature scenes. Society; relationships and vocations. Pamela Crane Spiritual dimension of astrology and Draconic Nodal astrology. Michalacopoulou 38, Athens, , Greece. Prodlouzena , Pardubice, Czech Republic. Uses traditional and Ebertin cosmobioligical techniques.

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    Perez Limon, Emilio Address: Natal, relationships and predictive with a strong practical application. Peta Loudar Astrology Email: I have a website www. Suite Wisma Zelan, 1 Jln. Tv 30 82 36, Bogota, Colombia. Lopasiceva 8, Zagreb, 10 , Croatia.