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The world lies out there just waiting to have its secrets known.

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Facts are everywhere, if one just knows where to look. The task is to learn about everything and make sense of it all, but the penetration is not too deep yet, for so much has to be arranged in some kind of order.

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Whatever is the fastest moving, most changing thing around is most interesting. The attention span may not be too long, but the scope is wide indeed.

Boredom is intolerable. In nature, insects teem; the world is noisy and colorful. The temperature is conducive to wandering and wondering. This is a stage of interacting, flowers with bees, children with both. Moods come and go quickly.

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Even the bee sting is quickly forgotten. Enchantments come and go quickly too. One learns, however grudgingly, about time and patience, and even more grudgingly about limits. Gemini takes its lumps, usually with equanimity.

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As the season progresses and the bumps and bruises accumulate, one begins to develop a sense of pattern and consequence. During the Gemini phase of a cycle, we are enjoined to obey curiosity, test apparent obstacles, and enlarge possibilities. The task is to expand, experiment, enlarge our scope, and increase our knowledge of new territory.

Self-consciousness is not appropriate now, or much self-criticism. We learn now from our successes and errors, for everything is experimental. Lots of mistakes will be made now.

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For this phase to be effective, errors must be readily forgiven. Establishing a new, positive pattern of the way you work or look for work will pay back handsomely. You can spin a lot of plates, so get spinning. For your own personal tarot forecast, visit Kerry's TarotBella page. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Backlash over royals' new mental health campaign. Jen-An breaks our hearts with this Friends news. The best time to book your Christmas train tickets. Costa's new winter menu is here! Stumbling out of bed to switch it off, back to sleep. These kinds of things always intrigue me. What does it mean I ask myself. Is it a wake up call, a lightbulb moment, a message, or do I simply need to call an electrician.

Please post your thoughts…. Diana Ross wows the crowd.

For soul diva Diana Ross, the Aries spirit is still as fabulous as ever. Uranus arrives in Aries next week — it will put an end to the Silence of the Lambs…. This is the appetizer, a small taste of things to come as Uranus skitters back to Pisces mid August before truly taking up a 7 year residence in Aries in Uranus is going to shake it up for everyone. Obviously pretty ram-tastic for Aries, but for the other 11 no less exhilarating.

The old rules need not apply. This is the new cycle, the planet of originality and breakthrough in the sign of the entrepreneur. The old systems and structures, the heavy weight corporations are going to have to travel lighter in these times. Uranus is all about speed, Aries about impulse, initiation and winning.

But then late July Saturn and Mars oppose them from Libra, cooling them down, holding them in. On a personal level for many of us it signals a time of major life changes. I'm in a New York State of Mind. Intense tantric ballet, they gaze so intently at each other, rolling and entwining and disentangling and attaching again.